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This is a delightful money pot in a pale blue with white spots, on the front of the pot has a cute little elephant and the words saying Beautiful Baby Boy.  On the reverse of the pot it has a lovely little saying “Save up all your money for a lovely baby things and enjoy all the happiness a tiny new born brings.”  These pots make great presents and a really fantastic way to save up for that something special.

When the first pound goes in, make a wish and its time to begin savings for all that you yearn for when the pots full to the top, its finally time to stop.  Broken open money will pour for all your dreams and more!

Savings held in a Pot of Dreams, can be much bigger than they seem.  use £2 coins to fill to the brim, and over £1000 you can fit in!!


Try to contain your excitement as you break open your pot of dreams.  We suggest wrapping it in a cloth and breaking open with a hammer.  Always take sensible precautions.

Please note that these money pots do not have stoppers and need to be smashed open.

Designed for single use

Size 15cm x 15cm


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